Westwood Forward

A coalition of students, businesses, homeowners, renters, workers and community organizations to revitalize Westwood as a fun, affordable, and inclusive community.
Meetings / Get Involved Learn More Why Form a New Council?
Westwood deserves a
brighter future.

A new neighborhood council will bring us there.

Better Housing

Solving the housing crisis with affordable and diverse options

Business Growth

Supporting restaurants, retail and nightlife for a vibrant, sustainable community


Uniting property owners, business leaders, renters, UCLA students, faculty, and staff


Enabling online voting and accessible options for council elections

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For the new Council boundaried within Westwood. (Our new Council boundaries in blue, existing Council boundaries in black)


Respect the interests of all stakeholders


Preserve the historic beauty of our community


Boldly charge ahead to improve housing and entertainment

Why form a new
Neighborhood Council?
"Neighborhood Council participants are empowered to advocate directly for real change in their communities." - Empower LA

We assert that the old Westwood Neighborhood Council: (citations in Our Full Statement)

  • falls short in representing the majority of Westwood - renters and students
  • burdens new businesses with excessive conditions and expectations
  • stifles the democratic process with restrictive and delayed elections
  • opposes new housing relief for UCLA's housing crisis

We seek the empowerment to change our community for the better. We can petition the City to start our own Neighborhood Council to address our needs. Read Our Full Statement for more examples and evidence of why change is needed.

Our Full Statement (pdf)
Our Principles (doc)
Meetings / Get Involved
Our Council's Objectives and
Councils must establish bylaws and go through the certification process ... before they can operate. - Empower LA

Our bylaws aim to establish a Council that will always represent the interests of the majority of stakeholders in Westwood. Our objectives are transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, accountability and viability.

Bylaws Proposal (doc) Meetings / Get Involved Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)
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Meetings / Get Involved Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)

Community Meetings

North Westwood Neighborhood Council Formation Committee Meeting


August 13th 6:00pm to 9:00pm



  1. Call to Order: Member roll call.
  2. Comments by Public Officials or Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Representatives.
  3. General Public Comment on Non-agenda items (2 minutes per speaker)
  4. Motion to support Westwood Neighborhood Council’s request to reintegrate Westwood Hills into their boundaries and to amend North Westwood’s proposed bylaws accordingly to reflect this change.
  5. Discussion and possible motion to take a position on WWNC’s petition for shared boundaries.
  6. Discussion and motion to approve of revised North Westwood Neighborhood Council bylaws proposal for Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Approval.
  7. Motion to designate and authorize representative(s) of the North Westwood Neighborhood Council Formation Committee to represent the committee at upcoming Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Meetings.
  8. Adjournment.

Meeting Location

Exploration Room: Luskin Conference Center

425 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095


Questions or comments?

Contact Us (info@westwoodforward.com)

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